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ence for selfish ends, and endeavor to obtain an undue advantage thereby, but students of our literature will not expect to find advice on how to proceed with such a purpose. We have not studied the matter from that angle and would not teach others how, if we knew. But on certain occasions the planetary hours may be justly and beneficently used, and we shall try to indicate how they may be of service.

Suppose we want to help a friend to obtain employment, and know a place where he would fit in. We remember that the Sun is a significator of those in authority and therefore the hours of the Sun are good in which to transact business with and ask favors of such people; and you will have the best chance of success if you apply at those times.

But it also is important to remember that the planet which rules the first hour of a given day has prime rulership during that entire day, and that the other planets are only subsidiary rulers with the day ruler. They are weakened or strengthened in proportion to the agreement or disagreement of their natures with the nature of the day-ruler. Thus if you select a Sun-hour on Saturday, which is tinged with the obstructive Saturnine influence, your chances of success are not nearly ad good as if you select a Sun-hour on a Thursday, which is tinged throughout with the benevolent ray of its day-ruler, Jupiter.

Or, if you have occasion as a matter of duty, to reason with someone who has a very short temper,