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circle and the cross which are placed above and below the circle in the symbol of Mercury, was well voiced by Goethe in the limes of his immortal “Faust” where the hero says:

“Thou by one sole impulse art posses’d,
Unconscious of the other still remain.
Two souls alas are housed within my breast,
And struggle there for undivided reign,
One to the earth with passionate desire,
And closely clinging organs still adheres,
Above the mists the other doth aspire,
With sacred ardor unto purer spheres.”

Table of Houses:

A table calculated to show what signs and degrees of the Zodiac are on each of the cusps of the twelve mundane houses at any time during any day or night in the year.

A table of houses is always the same for a certain degree of latitude, and it may be used for a lifetime as it deals with the fixed stars which show no appreciable motion in a hundred years.


At the moment a child is born the positions of the planets show the tendencies of the life. Those positions constitute the ‘Radix,’ and anything that has reference to that ‘Root’ of all events is called ‘radical.’ Thus, ‘the radical Jupiter’ refers to the position of Jupiter at a certain person’s birth.