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Time is not the same the world over, however, When the Sun rises where we live, it sets in another place, and that makes another difference in the horoscopes even if east for children born at the same moment of time but in opposite parts of the world, for if it were noon in the birthplace of one, the Sun would be high in the heavens above the earth, and in the birthplace of the other child it would be midnight with the Sun directly below the earth. We know that the chemical effect of the solar ray varies with its position, and when the change is physically noticeable, the spiritual effect must also differ. It Is therefore evident that Time and Place are the basic factors in calculation of the horoscope. We shall first show how to locate the place of birth, then we take up the matter of time.


Geographically, the earth is divided by two imaginary sets of circles. One circle runs east and west, halfway between the North and South Poles as shown in the accompanying charts: it is called the Equator. Other circles called Parallels of Latitude, are imagined running parallel to the Equator, and their use is to measure the distance of any place North or South of the Equator. Now get an atlas and look at the map of North America. Along the right and left hand borders you will see certain numbers. Note that a curved line runs from No. 50 on the right to No. 50 on the left. That is the fiftieth parallel of latitude.