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Having Pisces 15 on the Tenth House, we place the opposite degree Virgo 15 on the Fourth Cusp, which is opposite the Tenth.

Aries 20 on the Eleventh House is the opposite of Libra 20 placed on the Fifth Cusp.

Sagittarius 1 placed on the Sixth Cusp forms an exact opposite to Gemini 1 on the Twelfth House.

The Ascendant is opposite the Seventh Cusp and Capricorn 8:10 placed there is the opposite of Cancer 8:10 on the Ascendant.

Cancer 27 on the Second House will be properly opposed by Capricorn 27 on the Eighth House, and Aquarius 19 placed on the Ninth is in opposition to Leo 19 on the Third.

Now all the cusps are filled, but on account of the inclination of the earth’s axis some of the signs may be intercepted between two cusps, therefore it is necessary to see if all the twelve signs are in our horoscope before proceeding further. Counting from Aries, we note the presence of Gemini. Taurus is missing, and we therefore place it in its proper position between Aries and Gemini.

When a certain sign is intercepted, its opposite also will be missing. We may, therefore, at once place Scorpio in its proper position between Libra and

It will now be found that all the twelve signs are placed in our horoscope, Cancer and Capricorn each occupying two cusps. It is finished as far as placing