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Unveiling a Statue of Dr. Hunter McGaire. 253

By the authority of the General Assembly of Virginia, this statue is placed on these grounds, along with those of so many others of her sons who have won fame in Virginia's service, and whom she so much delights to honor.

On behalf, and in the name of the HUNTER McGuiRE MONUMENT ASSOCIATION, I am commissioned to present this monument to Vir- ginia, and to ask your Excellency, as the Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth, to accept the same on her behalf. In doing this I affirm that, in the many similar gifts which she has received in the past to commemorate the deeds of her illustrious sons, Virginia has never received one front more loving and devoted hands, or one of a more patriotic, noble and devoted son than HUNTER HOLMES McGuiRE.

ACCEPTANCE BY THE GOVERNOR. Governor A. J. Montague responded as follows:

Mr. Chairman:

In consummation of the affection and energies of this Association, and in conformity to the statute of the Commonwealth, I accept this monument to HUNTER HOLMES McGuiRE with the confidence that it will be cherished as an evidence of his rich contribution to science, humanity and country; for the " counterfeit presentment," in whose shadow we now stand, will proclaim with duration and eloquence of bronze the memory of a patriot, soldier and scientist, whose life powerfully impressed his day and generation.


Hon. HOLMES CONRAD, chosen orator of the occasion, was then presented to the assembled throng, and addressed them as follows:

Enlightened humanity, in all ages of the world, has sought to per- petuate the memory of its noblest types, and most important expe- riences, by the erection of enduring monuments.

These commemorate those crises in a nation's life in which radical departures were made from its earlier form and character, or they keep in remembrance some fine achievement in science or in art by which the conditions of the human race were improved or its happiness increased, or else they preserve the form and features of some illustrious personage, who, in such crises, by the display of