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242 Southern Historical Society Papers.

we stayed a day supporting Stuart' scavalay, while he drove back some raiders near Brandy Station.

June 9 to 18. On the road to Maryland. Captured Berry ville, Bunker Hill and Martinsburg.


June 19. Crossed the Potomac by wading at Williamsport, Md., and marched through Hagerstown. A majority of the people seem to be unionists, though there are some delightful exceptions. Biv- ouacked at Funkstown. Dined at Mr. Syester's, a good southerner. Gave 75 cents in Confederate money for a pound of stick candy.

June 20. With Captain Hewlett and Lieutenant Oscar Smith, of Third Alabama, called on Misses Mary Jane and Lizzie Kellar, young ladies just from a Pennsylvania female college, and heard them play and sing Southern songs. This was a very agreeable surprise to us all.

June 21. Attended Divine services at Methodist Episcopal Church in Hagerstown. At tea met Miss Rose Shafer, and found her to be a brave Belle Boyd in her words and acts. She is a true blue Southerner.

June 22. Took up line of march to Pennsylvania, and passed through Hagerstown in columns of companies. Crossed Penn- sylvania line near Middleburg and camped at Greencastle.

June 23. Lieut. J. W. Wright's resignation was accepted, and Sergt. G. W. Wright was elected in his stead. I appointed T. H. Clower, First Sergt., and Corp. Bob Stafford a Sergeant.

June 24. Marched to Harrisburg and passed through Marion and Chambersburg. We see many women and children, but few men. General Lee has issued orders prohibiting all misconduct or lawlessness, and urging the utmost forbearance and kindness to all. His address and admonition is in contrast with the conduct of the Northern Generals, who have invaded the South with their soldiers. But it is in accord with true civilization. We cannot afford to make war upon women and children and defenseless men.

June 25. Breakfasted with a citizen who refused all pay, though I assured him Confederate money would soon take the place of greenbacks.

June 26. Marched through Greenvillage and Shippensburg. It