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The Keysville Guards.

G. N. Ralls, first lieutenant. Died since the war.

S. T. Walton, second lieutenant. Killed at battle of Aline Run; lieutenant-colonel of regiment.

N. A. Bass, third lieutenant. Whereabouts not known.

W. H. Gregory, first sergeant. Killed at battle of McDowell.

J. H. Pettus, second sergeant. Wounded at Kernstown; living in Charlotte county.

A. B. Crawford, third sergeant. Lost left arm at Sharpsburg; living in Charlotte county.

H. G. Fore, fourth sergeant. Died in hospital in Highland county, Va.

Mike Shellings, first corporal. Died at Pikesville, Md., Soldiers' Home.

Joseph Robinson, second corporal. Died since the war.

R. S. Ward, third corporal. Lost left arm at McDowell; living near Keysville, Va.

P. A. Booth, fourth corporal. Killed at Brandy Station.

John A. Tucker, company commissary. Living at Roeksboro, N. C.


Anderson, C. B. Wounded and died. Ashworth, W. A. Dead.

Ashworth, A. W. W r wounded at Second Battle of Manassas: living in Lunenburg county.

Atwell, Wm. Missing at battle of Laurel Hill.

Burke, J. A. At Soldiers' Home, Richmond, Va.

Brooks, I. P. Dead.

Berry, Jerry. Missing.

Barry, John. Wounded; died in hospital.

Bentley, David. Died in hospital.

Cox, Richard. Killed at battle of Chancellorsville.

Cox, C. H. Living in Prince Edward county.

Cole, J. D. Dead.

Cole, Henry. Killed at battle of the Wilderness.

Cook, Josiah. Lost left arm at battle of McDowell; dead.

Cassada, W. H. Dead.

Couch, Wm. B. Dead.