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Brilliant Page in History of War.

dressed Confederate officer present, was sauntering' leisurely about, having a general superintendence over the whole affair.


"Whilst the truce lasted the Yankees and the "Johnny Rebs" in countless numbers flocked to the neutral grounds, and spent the time in chatting and sight-seeing. The stench, however, was quite strong, and it required a good nose and a better stomach to carry one through the ordeal. About 9 o'clock, the burial being completed, the officers sent the men back to the trenches on each side. The officers bade each other adieu and returned to their respective lines."


Headquarters Third Army Corps, August 4. 1864.

General Order No. 17: Anderson's division commanded by Brigadier General Mahone, so distinguished itself by its successes during the present campaign as to merit the special mention of the corps commander, and he tenders to the division, its officers and men, his thanks for the gallantry displayed by them whether attacking or attacked. Thirty-one stands of colors, fifteen pieces of artillery and four thousand prisoners are the proud mementos which signalize its valor and entitle it to the admiration and gratitude of our country.

A. P. Hill.

Major Etheredge of the Forty-first Virginia regiment, an eye witness, wrote of the event: "General Mahone then ordered up the Alabama brigade: they formed; the command was given, and when they reached the point where the Georgians suffered so severely they too met with a heavy loss; but, unlike the Georgians, as soon as they received the shock, every man that was left standing started in a double-quick, and before the enemy could reload the Alabamians were on them. A hand-to-hand fight took place, and in a few minutes the gallant Alabamians had driven out and killed those who couldn't get out, and were masters of the situation."

The capture of the "Crater" restored our lines in status quo and gave to history one of its most brilliant pages.