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father and mother and telling them he’s all right? They were on the St. Timothy’s side; I guess they’re hanging round near the boat-house now. My father’s a big man in a gray suit; he has a brown moustache. My mother’s a little woman in a blue dress with white dots on it.”

“I’ll find them,” said Sheldon.

After he had gone, Edward stripped and poured bucket after bucket of water over himself; it was refreshing not to have to stint one’s self any longer in one’s bath. Somebody touched him on his bare shoulder, and he turned to see Charles, stripped also, standing there.

“Pour a couple on me, will you?” said Charles. “That’s all I need to brace me up.”

Edward doused him and rubbed him down; the color had begun to come back into his face.

“How you feeling, Charley?” called Braddock, who was putting on his clothes.

“Well enough to wonder why I should have passed away,” answered Charles gloomily.