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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Greece.

1. Official Publications.

Annual Statement of the Trade of the United Kingdom with Foreign Countries and British Possessions. Imp. 4. London.

Commerce de la Grece avec les jiays etrangores. Annual. Athens.

Foreign Office Reports. Annual Series and Miscellaneous Series. 8. London.

Greece in Europe. By S. P. Skiadan. (In Greek.) 8. Athens, 1891.

Handbook of the Armies of Bulgaria, Greece, &c. By Captain W. E. Fairholme and Captain Count Gleichen. London, lSi»5.

Regarding ivjlitical transactions ooncerning Greece from 1826 onwards, the Parliamentary papers (correspondence, conventicms, protocols, treaties, reports, &c.) are available.

Correspondence Respecting the Finances of .Greece, Nos. I, 2, and 3 (1898). [C— 8778; C.—SS18; and C— 8849.]. London, 1898.

2. Non-Official Publications.

Armstronf) (Isabel J.), Two Roving Englishmen in Greece. New ed. London, 1897.

Avelot (H.), Croquis de Grece et de Turquie. Paris, 1897,

Baedeker's Handbook for Greece. 2nd ed. London, 1894.

Barrows (S. J.), The Isles and Shrines of Greece. London, 1898.

Bent (J. Th.), Modern Life and Thought Amongst the Greeks. 8. Loudon, 1891. The Cyclades : Life Amongst the Insular Greeks. 8. London, 1885.

Berard (Victor), La Turquie et I'Hellenisme Contemporaine. 8. Paris, 189.3.

Bianconi (C. F.), Ethnographic de la Turquie, de I'Europe et de la Grece. Paris, 1877.

Bickford- Smith (R. A. H.), Greece under King George. 8. London, 1893.

Brockhaus (Hermann), Griechenland, geographisch, geschichtlich und kultui'historisch von den altesten Zeiten bis auf die Gegenwart dargestellt. 4. Leipzig, 1870.

Campbell (Hon. Dudley), Turks and Greeks. 8. London, 1887.

Co-operation of Foreign Bondholders, Report of Council, Appendix, issued August, 1898. London. '

Estournelle de Constant (Baron d'), La Vie de Province en Grece. 8. Paris, 1878.

Field (H. M.), Greek Islands and Turkey after the War. 8. London, 1885.

Finlay (G.), A History of Greece, b.c. 14(3 — a.d. 1864. New ed. 7 vols. 8. Oxford, 1877.

Frazer (J. G.), Pausanias's Description of Greece. 6 vols. London, 1898.

Greco-Turkish War of 1897. From Official Sources. By a German Staff Officer. [Eng. Trans.] London. 1S98.

Guiraud (P.), La Propriety fonciere en Grece. Paris, 1893.

Guerber (H. A.), The Story of the Greeks. London, 1S9S.

Janeway (Catherine), Glimpses at Greece — To-day and Before Yesterday. London, 1897.

Jebb (R. C), Modern Greece : Two Lectures. 8. London, 1880.

TToZofcotron^s (Th.), Klepht and Warrior. [Autobiography translated.] 8. London, 1890.

Mahaffy (J. P.), Rambles and Studies in Greece. 3 ed. 8. London, 1887.

Maurer (G. L. von), Das Griechische Volk in offentlicher und privatrechtlicher Beziehung. 3 vols. 8. Heidelberg, 1835.

Melingo (P. von), Griechenland in unseren Tagen. 8. Vienna, 1892.

Palmer (K.), Going to War in Greece. New York, 1897.

Philippson (A.), Thessalien und Epirus. Berlin, 1897.

Phillips (W. A.), The Greek War of Independence, 1821-33. London, 1897.

Pullen (H. W.), Handbook (Murray's) for Greece and the Ionian Islands. Gth ed. London, 1S95.

Rectus (Elisee), Geographic universelle. Vol. I. Paris, 1877.

Rodd (J. Rennell), The Customs and Lore of Modern Greece. 8. London 1802,

Rose (W. K.), With the Greeks in Thessaly. London, 1897.

SamneZgoH (J.), Greece : Present Condition and Recent Progress. 8. London, 1894.

Schmidt {Dv. Julius), Beitriige zur physicalischen Geographic von Griechenland. 8. Leipzig, 1864-70.

Sergeant (L.), Greece in the 19th Century. London, 1897.

Sj/nioHffs(.I. A.), Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece. 3 vols. 2nd ed, London, 1898.

Tozer (H. F.), The Islands of the ^Egean. 8. Oxford, 1890.

TrtA-owpc»(S.), History of the Greek Revolution. [In Greek.] 8. London, 18G0.

Tuckerman (Charles K.), The Greeks of To-day. 8. London, 1873.

Iforrfiiporfh (Bishop Ch), Greece : Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical. New ed. London, 1882.