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necting the capital with the port of Iztapa has been completed. The Government guarantees a subsidy of about 1,630Z. per mile. There are a few good roads, but away from the railway most of the traffic is on niuler back.

There were in 1897, 272 post-offices. The total postal movement (letters, cards, parcels, <fcc.), in 1897 was, despatched, 4,038,966; received, 5,674,100. Of telegraphs there were 3,093 miles, with 171 offices, in 1897; the number of messages was 664,169; receipts, 293,563 dollars; expenses, 418,394 dollars.

Money, Weights, and Measures.

Banks of issue in Guatemala are: — The Banco Interuacional, the Banco Colombiano, Banco de Guatemala. Banco Agricola Hipotecario, Banco Ame- ricano, and the Banco de Occidente.

The Dollar or Peso, of 100 Ccntavas, weight, 25 grammes, '900 fine; nominal value, 45. The currency is mostly paper money, value about 12 '5 dollars to £1.

The Spanish Xi&?'a of 16 ounces . . = 1 "014 lb. avoirdupois.

,, ^rro&a of 25 libras . . . = 25 '35 lb.

,, Quintal oi ^ axvdhdi^ . . . = 101*40 ,,

,, To7ieIada oi 20 qnintah . . = 18*10 cwt.

,, Fancga . . . . . . = 1^ imperial bushel

The metrical system is now adopted.

Diplomatic and Consular Representatives.

1. Of Guatemala in Great Britain.

Unvoy and Minister. — Senor Fernando Cruz, accredited May 28, 1892; accredited also to France, and resident in Paris.

Secretary. — Domingo Estrada.

Consul-General (London). — J. J. Saborio.

There are also Consular representatives at Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Southampton, Plymouth, Birmingham, Cardiff, Newport.

2. Of Great Britain in Guatemala.

Minister and Consul-General to the several Republics of Central America, G. F. B. Jenner, appointed 1897.

There is a British Consul at Quezaltenango and a Vice- Consul at Livingston and San Jose.

Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Guatemala

1. Official Publications.

Anuario de la Direccion General de Estadistica. [Criininalidad. Ciudadauos. Ben flcieucia. Rentas Municipals. Territorio y Poblaciou.] Statistics down to 1804. Guatemala, 1898.

Annual Statement of the Trade of the United Kingdom. Imp. 4. London.

Foreign Office Reports. Annual Series. London.

Guatemala. No. 32 of the Bulletins of the Bureau of the American Republics. Washington, 1892.

Informe de la Direccion de Estadistica. Annual. Guatemala.

Informe de la Secretaria de Fomento. Annual. Guatemala.

Memorias de los Secretarios de Estado del Gobierno de la repiiblica de Guatemala (Gobernacion y Justicia; Instruccion Piiblica; Guerra; Hacienda; Relaciones Exteriores). Annual. Guatemala.

Movimiento de poblacion habido en los pueblos de la republica de Guatemala. Annual. Guatemala.

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