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70S 2. Non-Official Publications.

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Constitution and Government.

The Repuljlic of Haiti, formerly a French colony, was proclaimed indepen- dent January 1, 1804, and is now governed under a Constitution proclaimed June 14, 1867. The legislative power rests in a National Assembly, divided into two chamljers, respectively called tlie Senate and the House of Representa- tives. The latter is elected by the direct vote of all male citizens engaged in some occupation, for the term of three years ; while the members of the Senate (39 in numl)er) are nominated for si.\ years by the House of Repre- sentatives from two lists presented by the Executive and the Electoral Colleges ; one-third retire every two years. JSIembers of both houses are paid, repre- sentatives and senators by the month (150 dollars) during session. The executive power is in the hands of a President who, according to the Con- stitution, must be elected by the people, but in recent years has generally been chosen by the United Senate and House of Representatives, sitting in National Assembly, and in some instances by the troops, and by delegates of parties acting as representatives of the people. The nominal term of oflice of the President is seven years ; it is generally cut short, however by insurrections.

President of the Republic. — General Tiresias Simon Sam, elected April 1, 1 896, The administration of the Republic is carried on, under the President, by four heads of departments. The President receives a salary of 4, SOOl.

Area and Population.

The area of the Rei>ublic, which embraces the western portion of the island of Haiti — the larger liut loss populated eastonj division forming the.