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Diplomatic and Consular Representatives.

1. Of Haiti in Great Jjiutain.

Charge d' Affaires. — Louis Joseph Janvier. Consul. — Maurice Erdmann.

There are consular agents at Cardiff, Liverpool, Southampton, Cork, Grimsliy, Dundee, Glasgow.

2. Of Great Britain in Haiti. Consul-General. — Augustus Cohen.

Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Haiti. 1. Official Publications.

Annual Statement of the Trade of the United Kingdom with Foreign Countries and British Possessions. Imp. 4. London.

Foreign Office Reports, Annual Series. London.

Haiti. Bulletin No. C2of the Bureau of the American Republics. Washington, 1S92.

Reports on Trade and Shipping of Haiti, in ' Deutsches Plandels-Archiv,' for May, August, and Xovemher, 1897. Berlin.

United States Consular Reports for April, August, and September, 1898. Washington.

2. Non-Official Publications.

Ardouin (, Etudes sur I'histoire de Hait . 10 vols. Paris, 1S53-G1.

Bonneau (Alex.), Haiti, ses progres, son avenir. 8. Paris. 1862.

Fortunat (Dantes), Nouvelle geographie de I'ile de Haiti. Port-au-Prince, 1888.

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