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Chilian, Peruvian, and other South and Central American dollars are issued.

There is also a pa]:)er currency. The peso or dollar is of the value of about 20d. or 12 silver dollars to the £. The notes of Nicaragua and of the Bank of London and Central America are redeemable in silver, but not in gold. Since January 7, 1893, the metric system of weights and measures has been in use.

Diplomatic and Consular Representatives.

1. Of Nicaragua in Great Britain.

Envoy and Minister for the Greater Republic of Central America. — Crisanto Medina.

Consul-Gcneral. — Frederick S. Isaac.

There are Consular Representatives at London, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Glasgow, Southampton, Cardiff, Newport (Mon. ), Brighton.

2. Of Great Britain in Nicaragua,

Minister and Consul- General. — G. F. B. Jenner. Consul at Granada. — "Walter J. Chambers. Consul at Greytoivn. — H. F. Bingham. Consul at Managua. — Charles E, Nicol.

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2. Non-Official Publications.

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