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In 1897, 367 vessels of 132,592 tons, visited the port of Asuncion.

There is a railway from Asuncion to Pirapo, the actual length of line open being about 156 miles. Gross receipts in the year 1896-97 amounted to 897,756 paper pesos. During the year 494,742 passengers were carried, and 79,875 tons of goods. There are 10 miles of tramway. The country roads are in general mere bullock tracks, and transport is difficult and costly. There is a line of telegraph at the side of the railway ; the national telegraph connects Asuncion with Corrientes in the Argentine Republic, and thus with the outside world ; there are altogether 360 miles of telegraph line ; there were 52,964 messages in 1897. The telephone is in operation at Asuncion. Paraguay joined the postal union in 1881 ; in 1897 the number of post offices was 95 ; letters, &c., received or transmitted in 1897, 936,710.

Money and Credit.

The banks in Paraguay are the Agricultural Bank, with a nominal capital of 3,250,000 pesos, supplemented, October 6, 1896, by a further sum of 1,000,000 pesos; the Territorial Bank, the Mercantile Bank, the Bank of Milleres and Company, and the Industrial Bank, which has its seat at Concepcion.

Paper money is the chief circulating medium, the amount in circulation being about 5,957,000 pesos. In October, 1896, the issue of 8,000,000 dollars over a period of five years was authorised. Gold is at a premium of about 660 per cent.

Money, Weights, and Measures.

Money. — The Pcn'o, or i)oZZar = 100 Centavos. Nominal value, is.

The Qitintal . . . . = 101 "40 lbs. avoirdupois.

,, Ati'oha . . . . = 25'35 ,, ,,

,, Fanega . .• . . = 1^ imperial bushel.

,, Sino (land measure) . = 69| Engl. sq. yards.

,, Legua cuadrada . , = 12| Engl. sq. miles.

The weights and measures of the Argentine Repuljlic are also in general use.

Diplomatic and Consular Representatives.

1. Of Paraguay in Great Britain.

Consul- Gaural in Great Britain. — Alfred James. Appointed 1897. There are Consuls at Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester.

2. Of Great Britain in Paraguay.

Envoy and Minister. — Hon. W. A. C. Barriugton (residing at Buenos Aires). Consid at Asuncion. — W. J. Holmes.

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