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(Reino de Portugal e Algarves.)

Reigning King.

Carlos I., born September 28, 1863, son of King Luiz Land his Queen Maria Pia, daughter of the late King Yittorio Emanuele of Italy, who still survives ; married. May 22, 1886, Marie Amelie, daughter of Philippe Due d' Orleans, Comte de Paris : succeeded to the throne October 19, 1889. Offspring : — I. Luiz Fhilippe, Duke of Braganza, born March 21, 1887. II. Manuel, born November 15, 1889.

Brother of the King. — Prince Affonso Henriques, Duke of Oporto, born July 31, 1865.

Aunt of the King. — Princess Antonia, born February 17, 1845 ; married, September 12, 1861, to Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern- Sigmaringen, born September 22, 1835. Offspring of the union are three sons: — 1. Prince Wilhelm, born March 7, 1864. 2. Prince Ferdinand, born August 24, 1865. 3. Prince Karl, born September 1, 1868.

The reigning dynasty of Portugal belongs to the House of Braganza, which dates from the end of the fourteenth century, at which period Alfonso, an illegitimate son of King Joao, or John I., was created by his father Count of Barcellos, Lord of Guimaraes, and by King Atfonso V., Duke of Braganza (1442). When the old line of Portuguese kings, of the House of Avis, became extinct by the death of King Sebastian, and of his successor. Cardinal Henrique, Philip II. of Spain became King of Portugal in virtue of his descent from a Portuguese princess. After 60 years' union under the same kings with Spain, the people of Portugal revolted, and proclaimed Dom Joao, the then Duke of Braganza, as their national king, he being the nearest Portuguese heir to the throne. The Duke thereupon assumed the name of Joao IV., to which Portuguese historians appended the title of 'the Restorer.' From this Joao the present rulers of Portugal are descended. Queen Maria II., by her marriage with a Prince of Coburg-Gotha, Fernando, Duke of Saxe, united the House of Braganza with that of the Teutonic Sovereigns. Carlos I. is the third Sovereign of Portugal of the line of Braganza- Coburg.

Carlos I. has a civil list of 365,000 milreis ; while his consort has a grant of 60,000 milreis. The whole grants to the royal family amount to 525,800 milreis.

The following is a list of the Sovereigns of Portugal since its conquest from the Moors : —