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goods, spirits, beer and wine. In 1897 the imi»orts into the United Kingdom from Portuguese East Africa, according to the Board of Trade returns, were of tlie vahic of 125,467^. (44,045^. in 1895) ; and the exports thereto from the United Kingdom, 1,264,766/. (in 1895, 586,517/.)- In 1897 the port of Mozambinue was visited by 236 vessels of 171,471 tons (57 of 84,328 tons German, and 24 of 32,394 tons British) ; Beira was visited by 237 vessels of 282,640 tons (118 of 131,667 tons British, and 58 of 86,061 tons German ; Chinde was visited by 69 vessels of 32,850 tons (22 of 21,810 tons British) ; Louren9o JMarquez in 1897 by 267 vessels of 691,000 tons.

In Manica the gold mining industry has been taken up mainly by British subjects. In October 1895, 1,325 clairis had been pegged out, but, as ordinary means of communication such as roads and postal and telegraph arrangements scarcely existed in the region, little liad been done in actual mining.

The Delagoa Bay railway has a length of 57 miles in the colony, and is continued for 290 miles to Pretoria. The Beira railway is open from the sea to the British frontier (222 miles), whence a line is being constructed to Salislniry in Mashonaland. Beira is connected by telegraph with Salisbury in Jklashonaland, and Louren(;o Marques with the Transvaal system. In the colony there are about 950 miles of telegraph line.

The Portuguese coinage is little used. At Mozambique the currency is chiefly British-Indian rupees, on which an import duty of 10 per cent, is levied. At Louren(;o JSIarques English and Transvaal gold, and Transvaal silver coins are chiefly used.

Consul to Portuguese Possessions in West Africa south of the Gulf of Guinea. — Roger Casement, residing at Loanda.

CoHSiil at Mozambicpie. — Ralph Belcher.

ConsK/ at Beira. — J. E. MacMaster.

Consul at Louren^o Marques. — A. C. Ross.

There are Vice -Consuls at Chinde and Quilimane, Consul at Marmagao (Goa), Vice-Consul at Macao.

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