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Money, Weights, and Measures.

The National Bank, in return for cash advances made to the government has the privilege of selling government stamped paper and postage stamps, and of collecting 5 per cent, tax on import duties. Its notes circulate freely.

On July 1st, 1894, the silver standard based on the Mexican dollar was abandoned, and the United States gold dollar was adopted as the standard, but no national money has yet (September, 1896) been coined in accordance with this law. To discourage the export of silver, an export duty of three dollars gold per hundred dollars of silver coin has been established.

Quintal = 4 arrobes:=100 lbs. (of 16 oz ):=46 kilograms.

For liquids the arrobe = 32 cuartilles = 25-498 litres = 4 110 gallons.

The metrical system is coming into use-.

Diplomatic and Consular Representatives.

1. Of Santo Domingo in Great Britain. Consul- General. — Miguel Ventura; appointed July 20, 1876. There are consular representatives at Cardiff', Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham.

2. Of Great Britain in Santo Domingo. Vicc-Consul. — Arthur Tweedy.

Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Santo


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