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kroner; of bar iron and steel, 78,000 kroner. The chief mineral products are silver, 400,000 kroner in 1896 (621,000 in 1890); copper ore, 1,136,100 kroner, pyrites, 970,000 kroner; nickel, 20,000 kroner (1,565,000 in 1876); apatite, 640,000 kroner (1,000,700 in 1890); felspar, 202,000 kroner (213,300 in 1890). Of the smelting products in 1896 silver was valued at 377,000 kroner; copper, 843,000 kroner; nickel, 30,000 kroner. At the end of 1896 there existed 27 mining establishments; employing 1,987 workpeople, and 5 smelting furnaces with 251 workpeople.

IV. Fisheries.

The number of persons in 1896 engaged in cod fishery was 93,277; in herring fishery, 17,606; and in mackerel fishery 2,344.

The value of the fisheries in kroner in 1896 was cod, 14,332,606; herring, 2,648,514; mackerel, 194,453; salmon and sea trout, 801,300; other fisheries, 3,333,742; lobster, 397,710; oysters, 5,928; total, 21,714,253. The total value was in 1895, 22,210,157 kroner; in 1894, 22,900,229 kroner; in 1893, 23,616,945 kroner; in 1892, 24,793,715 kroner; in 1891, 25,966,599.

Other fisheries are the mackerel fisheries in the North Sea, the bank fisheries off the coast, and the whale, walrus, seal, and shark fisheries in the northern seas, which in 1896 produced a total of about 4,000,000 kroner.


The following table shows the value of the trade of Norway with different countries in 1897:—

Country Imports Exports
Kroner Kroner
Sweden 42,277,800 25,724,300
Denmark, Iceland, and Faeroe 14,429,000 7,935,700
Russia and Finland 24,079,200 4,461,400
Germany . 71,348,300 21,918,500
Switzerland 390,000
Netherlands 9,624,400 8,934,100
Belgium 11,790,700 6,527,100
Great Britain and Ireland 67,560,400 65,387,000
France 4,057,500 7,358,500
Portugal and Madeira 836,100 717,700
Spain 1,685,100 9,602,100
Italy 2,001,300 2,789,800
Austria and Hungary 49,500 212,800
Turkey, and Roumania 18,300
Africa 700 2,737,200
Asia 24,300 362,700
Australia 100 1,908,900
America 11,988,700 853,300
Not stated 1,556,600 265,600
Total 263,718,200 167,696,700

The total amount of the import duties collected in 1897 was about 28 millions of kroner (about one-tenth in value of the total imports), divided among the principal articles as follows:—Breadstuffs, 3,423,000 kroner; coffee, 2,924,000 kroner; tea, 220,000 kroner; sugar, 5,345,000 kroner;

The recorded values are calculated according to information supplied by Exchange Committees and merchants. Those of imports include the invoice price, freight, packing, and insurance, but not duty; those of exports give the price free on board in Norwegian port, excluding freight and insurance, but including packing and Norwegian commercial profit. The returns of quantities are compiled from the officially controlled declarations of importers and exporters. These declarations state the countries from which the articles are directly imported and to which they are directly exported. An article coming, for example, from the East Indies via London is recorded as coming from England. The recorded imports include all articles imported, whether for consumption inland or for re-exportation. The exports are divided into exports of Norwegian articles (special trade) and exports of foreign articles (transit, warehousing on credit, duty-paid and duty-free articles). A considerable part of the export and also of the import (mostly duty-free) trade over the land frontier between Norway and Sweden escapes the control of the Customs' authorities.