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Post-office savings-banks under charge of the Government have been in operation in Canada since 1868 ; there are also Government savings-banks, under the management of the Finance Department, in the Maritime Provinces, Manitoba, and British Columbia. In 1897 there were 779 offices of the former and 28 of the latter. In 1897 the post-office savings-banks had 135,737 depositors and 32,380,829 dollars on deposit. The following is a statement of the transactions of the post-office and Government savings-banks for two years in dollars : —


Balances, July 1

Casli Deposited (Incl. inteiest)


■ ■ ■ - 1

Balances, June 30

1895-1896 1896-1897

44,450,499 46,799,319

13,425,276 14,888,147

11,076,457 12,752,490

46,799,318 48,934,976

The deposits in special savings-banks amounted in 1896 to 14,459,833 dollars, and in 1897 to 15,025,564 dollars.

Money, Weights, and Measures.

The Dollar of 100 cents. The value of the money of the United King- dom is fixed by law as follows: — The sovereign, 4 "86 dollars; the crown piece, 1 "2 dollars ; and the half-crown, the florin, the shilling, and the six- pence at proportionate values. Canada has no gold coinage of its own, but the English sovereign and the United States gold eagle of 10 dollars, with its multiples and halves, are legal. Notes are issued exclusively by the Government for 4, 2, and 1 dollar, and 25 cents ; no bank being allowed to issue notes for a less sum than 5 dollars.

The legal weights and measures are the Imperial yard, Imperial pound avoirdupois, Imperial gallon, and the Imperial bushel. By Act 42 Vict. cap. 16, the hundredweight was declared to be 100 pounds and the ton 2,000 pounds avoirdupois, as in the United States.

High Commissioner for the Dominion of Canada in Great Britain. — Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, G.C.M.G. Secretary. — Joseph G. Colmer, C.M.G.

Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Canada and British North America.

1. Official Publications.

Annual Reports of the various Government Departments, Ottawa.

Census of Canada, 1891. Ottawa.

Kstimates of Canada for the fiscal year ending June 30. Annual. Ottawa.

Fisheries Statements. Annual. Ottawa.

General Report of the Minister of Public Works from June 30, 1SG7, to July 1, 1885. With Maps. Ottawa, 1887.

Public Accounts of Canada, for the fiscal year ended June 30. Annual. Ottawa.

Report of the Department of the Interior. Annual. Ottawa.

Rei)orts on Canadian Archives, by Douglas Brymnor, LL.D., F.R.S.C.

Report of the Auditor-General on Appropriation Accounts for the year ending June 30. Annual. Ottawa.

Report on the State of the Militia. Annual. Ottawa.

Reports (Annual) of the Geological Survey of Canada. Ottawa.

Report on the Forest Wealth of Canada, by George Jolinson, F.8.S. (hon.) Ottawa, 1895.