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Justice and Crime.

There is a Supreme Court, courts ot" }»etty, general, and quarter sessions, the latter presided over by a stipendiary magistrate, assisted by justices of the peace. The total number of prisoners that came before all the criminal courts in 1897 was 3,939 males and 533 females; of these 3,040 males and 399 females were summarily convicted, mostly for fraud ; and 63 males and 18 females committed for trial. Before the Supreme Courts and sessions courts 36 persons were convicted in 1897. The total police force is 270. There were 2 gaols, with 108 male and 9 female inmates, at the end of 1897.


Besides hospitals and benevolent institutions, there are two establish- ments for paupers, with 434 male and 221 female inmates at the end of the year 1897, the daily average number of persons maintained during the year being 632 males and 263 females. The total expenditure during the year was 7.476Z., mainly contributed by the colonial Government. During the year 1897 outdoor relief was administered to 785 people ; 7,113 persons were relieved by Benevolent Societies in 1897.

Revenue and Expenditure.

Of the total yearly revenue about 59 per cent, is derived from taxation, chiefly customs ; 31 per cent, from railways, postal, telegraph, and other public services ; and the remainder principally from the rental and sale of Crown lands. Of the expenditure 34 per cent, is for special public works, 41 per cent, for interest, 8 per cent, for general purposes, 5 per cent, for religion, science, and education, 5 per cent, for hospitals and charities, 7 per cent, for law and protection. In 1897 10,047Z. was spent in defence. The subjoined statement shows the total general revenue and expenditure during each of the last live years : —

1893 1894




797,976 750,244


Revenue . . Expenditure .

£ £ 706,972 696,795 836,417 789,805


761,971 748,946

£ 845,019 785,026

In 1897 the customs revenue amounted to 351,848Z.

Included in the receipts and disbursements for 1897 are certain sums raised and expended for 'redemption of loans,' under the name of ' Territorial Kevenue.'

The revenue for 1898 is estimated at 913,275^., and expenditure 803,527/.

The public debt of Tasmania amounted Decem])er 31, 1897, to 8,390,026^ : the debt, except 3,649,723/. at 3^ per cent., consists principally of 4 percent debentures, redeemable from 1896 to 1940, and the whole was raised for the construction of public works. The interest on the amount realised on the last 3i per cent, loan floated was equivalent to 3-621 per cent, at par. The