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Consular Oflice Consular Officer Kank Vienna, Austrica . Carl Bailey Hurst Consul-general Vigo, Spain Enrique Mulder Consular agent Vivero, Spain Joaquin Mufiiz , u u Vladivostok, Russia . Richard T. Greener . Commercial agent Wallaceburg, Ontario . Isaac G. AVorden (C u Warsaw, Russia . Joseph Rawicz . Consul Waterford, Ireland William H. Farrell . Consular agent Waterloo, Quebec Arthur S. Newell (( u Waubaushene, Ontario Ronald F. White

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Weiuiar, (xerinany Thomas Ewing Moore Consul Wellington, New Zealand . John Duncan Consular agent Weymouth, England . Alfred C. Higgs u u Wiarton, Ontario J. H. Tibeando . u ' u Wiborg, Finland C. E. Ekstrom . (( (( Windsor, Nova Scotia Joseph T. Hoke . Consul Windsor, Ontario Julius G. Lay . (.1, Wingham, Ontario • • • • Consular agent Winnipeg, Manitoba . W. H. H. Graham . Consul Winterthur, Switzerland Heinrich Langsdorf . Consular agent Woodstock, New Brunswick Frank C. Denison Consul Wolverhampton, England . John Neve . Consular agent Yafa, Syria E. Hardegg (( ii Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Radcliffe H. Ford Consul Yokohama, Japan John F. Go way . Consul-general Zacatecas, Mexico E. vonGehren . Consular agent Zante, Greece Alfred L. Crowe li, (.1 Zanzibar, Africa . John C. Billheimer . Consul Zittau, Germany . William K. Herzog . a Zurich, Switzerland . A. Lieberknecht 1, 1

ARMY ^ By the provisions of the Constitution of the United States Congress is empo^Ye^ed to "raise and support armies," and the same instrument provides that the President of the United States " shall be the commander-in-chief of the Army and Xavy and of the militia of the several States when called into the service of the United States." During the war of the Revolution the military operations were directed by a " Board of War and Ordnance," created by the Continental Congress, June 12, 1776. The War Department was established Aug. 7, 1789, and tlirough it the President as co'mmander-in-chief conducts the military affairs of the nation. 1 Information furnished for the " Statesman's Year Book " through the courtesy of Brig. Gen. H. C. Corbin, Adjutant General, U.S.A., and Maj. John Tweedale, late Chief Clerk, War Dcpt,