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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning China.

1. Official Publications.

Catalogue of the Cliinesc Collection at the London Fisheries Exhibition. Shanghai, 1883. And the Intornational Health Exhibition. London 1884.

Custonj.s Gazette, Shanghai; published quarterly.

Returns of Trade at the Treaty Ports in China. Part I. Abstracts of Trade and Customs Revenue Statistics. Part IL Statistics of each Port. Shanghai, published yearly.

Report on the Trade of Central and Southern China. Foreign Office Reports. Miscel- laneous Series. No. 458. London. 1898.

Tarift" Returns : a set of tables showing the bearing of the Chinese Customs Tariff of 1858 on the Trade of 1885. Shanghai, 1889. 4. 2 vols.

Opium : Historical Note, or the Poppy in China. 4. Shanghai, 1889.

Ichang to Chun;j;king, 1800. Shanghai.

Decennial Reports, 1882 to 1891. Shanghai, 1893.

Medical Rej'orts. Shanghai, published half-yearly.

Foreign Office Reports. Annual and Miscellaneous Series. London. [For Cliinese Imperial Finance see Consul Jamieson's Report, Miscellaneous Series, No. 415. London, 1897.]

Report by Mr. Arthur Nicolson, British Secretary of Legation, on the Opium Trade in China, dated Peking, February 25, 1878, in 'Reports by H.M.'s Secretaries of Embassy and Legation.' Part III. 1878. 8. London, 1878.

Report by Mr. H. E. Fulford on a Journey in Manchuria, China. No. 2. London, 1887.

Report by Mr. Bourne of a Journey in South-\Ve.stern China. London, 1888.

Treaties between Great Britain and China, by Sir E. Hertslet. 2 vols, London. 1896.

Annual Statement of the Trade of the United Kingdom with Foreign Countries and British Possessions. Imp. 4. London.

2. Non-Official Publications.

Anderson (John), Mandalay to Momein : a Nan-ative of the two-Expeditions to Western China of 1868 and 1875 with Colonels E. B. Sladen and Horace Brown. 8. London, 1876.

Baber (E. Colborne), Travels and Researches in Western China : in Supplementary Papers of the Royal Geographical Society. London, 188.3.

J5aZI (J. D.), Things Chinese. 2nd edit. 8. London. 1894.

Bastian (Dr. A.), Die Volker des ostlichen Asiens. 6 vols. 8. Jena, 1866-71

Bishop (Mrs. Isabella), A Journey in Western Szechuan. In Geographical Journal, vol. X., No. 1 (July, 1897). London.

JSoui(7er(D. C), History of China. 2nd edit. 2 vols. London, 1898.

Bower (H.), Diary of a Journey across Tibet. 8. London, 1894.

Brandt (M. von), Aus dem Lande des Zopfes. Leipzie, 1894. Oatasiatische Fragen. Leipzic, 1897.

China Review. Hong Kong. China Recorder. Shanghai.

r;itroZ(V.), The Far Eastern Question. 8. London, 1896.

Chisholm (G. G.), The Resources and Means of Communication of China. In Geo- graphical Journal, xii. 5. (November, 1898.) London, 1898.

Colqnhoun (A. R.), Chryse : from Canton to Mandalay. 2 vols. London, 1883.— China in Transformation. London, 1898.

Cordier (H.), Les Origines des deux etablissements fran§ais, Changhai et Ningpo. Paris, 1896.

Curzon (G. N.), Pi'oblems of the Far East. New. ed. 8. London. 1696.

Davtd (Abbe A.), Journal de mon troi.sieme voyage d'exploration dans I'empire chinois. 2 vols. 18. Paris, 1875.

Douglas (R. K.), China. London, 1887. Confucianism and Taouism. London, 1893. Society in China. 8. London, 1894. Li Hung Chang. London, 1895.

Drake (S. B.), Among the Dark-haired Race in the Flowery Land. London, 1897.

Dudgeon (Dr. J.), Historical Sketch of the Ecclesiastical, Political, and Commercial Re- lations of Russia with China. 8. Peking, 1872.

Edkins (J.), Religion in China. 3rd edit. 8. London, 1880.

Fillers (O. E.), Im Osten Asiens. 3rd edit. Berlin, 1896.

Gill (Captain), The River of Golden Sand. 2 vols. London. 1880.

Gtlmour (J ), Among the Mongols. London, 1888. More about the Mongols. London, 1893.

Groham (J. A.), on the Threshold of Three Cloud Lands. London, 1897.

Grant (Sir J. Hope), Life of. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1894.

Gray (Ven. John Henrj-), China : a History of the Laws, Manners, and Customs of the People. 2 vols. 8. London, 1878.

Gundry (R. S.), China and her Neighbours. 8. London, 1895. China Past and Present. London, 1895.

Hake (A. G.), The Story of Chinese Gordon. London, 1884. Gordon in China and the Soudan. London, 1896.