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or 5 fr. ; fineness '835. At Panama and Colon, where paper has not yet been introduced, the sol or Peruvian dollar is the legal tender.

Coined money : —

Nickel. — 2|-cent, 5 -cent, common in every-day use.

Silver. — The ^eso, 10-, 20-, 50-, and 80-cent. pieces, ^-real, 1 real, 2 real, not coined at present.

All the foreign coins have long since disappeared, and any that arrive are bought up at the ports at a high premium.

The metric system was introduced into the Republic in 1857. In custom- house business the kilogramme, equal to 2, 204 avoirdupois pounds, is the standard. In ordinary commerce the arroba, of 25 Colombian pounds, or 124 kilos ; the quintal, of 100 Colombian pounds, or 50 kilos ; and the carga, of 250 Colombian pounds, or 125 kilos, are generally used. The Colombian libra is equal to 1*102 pound avoirdupois. The Colombian vara, or 80 cm., is the measure of length used for retailing purposes, but in liquid measure the French litre is the legal standard.

Diplomatic and Commercial Representatives.

1. Of Colombia in Great Britain.

Envoy and Minister. — J. M. Hurtado. Secretary of Legation. — M. de Santa Maria. Consul- General. — Gonzalo Ramon Ruiz.

2. Of Great Britain in Colombia.

Minister and Consul-General. — George Earle Welby. Appointed Novem- ber, 23, 1898.

Consul at Panama. — Claude C. Mallet.

Vice-Consuls at Bogota, Honda, Medellin, Barranquilla, Carthagena, Colon, and Santa Martha.

Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Colombia

1. Official Publications.

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2. Non-Official Publications.

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