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Their total alea was 1,011,755 hectares. The agriculture supported in 1895 709,854 persons, of whom 364,237 were actually engaged therein. The chief crops, with the number of hectares under each, in 1897, were : —





Wheat .


Rye . . .


38,280 58,880 45,240 60,620


Beetroot and turnips

Potatoes ,

67,570 79,520 87,570

In the same year 318,750 hectares were under hay crops, and 9,030 hectares under tobacco ; hemp, hops, and chicory are also grown. The mineral produce consists almost solely of salt and building-stone.

The principal manufactures are silk ribbons, felt and straw hats, brushes, leather, paper and cardboard, clocks, musical instruments, machinery, chemicals, and cigars.


Mannheim is situated at the head of regular navigation on the Rhine, and has a large river port ; 1897, arrival 3,493,069 tons, departure 709,191 tons. At the end of 1896 the total length of railways in Baden was 1,046 miles, of which 871 miles belonged to the State of Baden, besides 67 miles of railway on neighbouring tenitories. The State operates its own railways and the private railways situated in the country. The whole length of these rail- ways is 963 miles, which had (in 1896) an income of 57,827,729 marks, and an expenditure of 36,476,669 marks, leaving a surplus of 21,351,060 marks. The net revenue of the railways belonging to the State serves espe- cially to cover the interest and sinking fund of the railway debt. The capital invested by the State in railways is 483 million marks.

British Charge d' Affaires at Carlsruhe. — G. W. Buchanan (Darmstadt). Consul. — Ferdinand Ladenburg (Mannheim).

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Reigning King.

otto Wilhelm Luitpold, born April 27, 1848 ; succeeded hia brother, Ludwig 11, , on June 13, 1886.


Prince Luitpold. (See below.)

Uncle and Cousins of the King. Prince Luitpold, born March 12, 1821 ; appointed Regent June 10, 1886 ; married, April 15, 1844, to Archduchess Augusta of Austria, Princess of Tuscany, who died April 26, 1864. Offspring of the union are four chil- dren : —

I. Prince Ludwig, born January 7, 1845 ; married, February 20, 1868, to' Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria-Este, of the branch of Modena, born July 2. 1849, of which marriage there are ten children: — 1. Prince*