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“Well, John Carty,” said he, “you go to Bengal with me, and you, Henry Jenkins, remain at home with your wife.”

“Thank yer honour,” said John Carty, again touching his cap as he walked off.

Henry Jenkins and his wife both rose from the ground, and rushed into each other’s arms. “God bless you, Captain,” said the soldier, as he pressed his wife closer to his bosom. “Oh, bless him for ever!” said the wife; “bless him with prosperity, and a happy heart!—bless his wife, and bless his children;” and she again fainted.

The officer, wiping a tear from his eye, and exclaiming, “May you never want a friend when I am far from you,—you, my good lad, and your amiable and loving wife!” passed on to his company.

The happy couple went in search of John Carty.

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

About twelve months since, as two boys were watching the sheep confided to their charge, upon a wide heath, in the county of Somerset, their attention was attracted by a soldier, who walked along apparently with much fatigue, and at length stopped to rest his weary limbs beside the old finger-post, which at one time pointed out the way to the neighbouring villages, which now afforded no information to the traveller, for age had rendered it useless.

Tho boys were gazing upon him with much curiosity, when he beckoned them towards him, and enquired the way to the village of Eldenby.

The eldest, a fine intelligent lad of about twelve years of age, pointed to the path, and asked if he was going to any particular house in the villago.

“No, my little lad,” said the soldier; “but it is on the high road to Frome, and I have friends there; but, in truth, I am very wearied, and perhaps may