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85. Abetting commission of liwat.
Offences relating to zina, zina bil-jabar or liwat
86. Withdrawal of ikrar in cases of zina, zina bil-jabar or liwat.
87. Withdrawal of evidence in cases of zina, zina bil-jabar or liwat.
88. Accuser and witnesses not liable to qazaf.
89. Accuser and witnesses liable to qazaf.
90. Ityan al-mayyitah.
91. Ityan al-bahimah.
92. Musahaqah.
93. Refusal to perform li'an.
94. Pregnant out of wedlock.
95. Qazaf.
96. Condition for person who commits qazaf and person liable to qazaf.
97. Manner of committing qazaf.
98. Punishment for qazaf.
99. Cases in which hadd punishment not imposed or enforced.
100. Issuing documents deemed to contain meaning of qazaf.
101. Sale of document deemed to contain the meanings of qazaf.
102. Attempt to commit qazaf.
103. Abetting commission of qazaf.
Intoxicating drinks
104. Drinking etc. liquor or intoxicating drinks.
105. Attempt to commit offence of drinking etc. liquor or intoxicating drinks.