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revealed it. The term of my enchantment was nearly accomplished, but now, by your imprudence, I am doomed to a spell of seven years more. I have now to go away to the river South, and you will come after me, and try to find me."

The poor lamb took his departure, and the maiden and his own mother remained sad and heartbroken at what had happened.

At the end of a few days the hapless maiden left the palace to seek the lamb, her husband, and after much walking and journeying, not finding the river South, she started for the realm of the moon. On arriving there, she asked the moon's mother, who came out to her, if she could tell her anything about a certain white lamb. The moon's mother said she knew nothing about him; but she told her to get inside a small hole, which she pointed out, telling her to be careful not to make it any larger, and to remain there until her daughter, the moon, came home.

When the moon appeared, her mother asked her if she knew anything of a white lamb that a maiden was seeking; and the moon replied that she had not seen him or heard of him, but that possibly the wind or the sun might know.

The girl set out and walked till she reached the cavern of the wind, but there she was not more successful in her quest; and she was received in the same way as at the mansion of the moon.