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There once lived a king who had been married many years, but had no family, and that was a great sorrow to him. The queen felt unhappy on her husband's account, and one day, as she was brooding over their trouble, she prayed to God to give her a son, even if he should be born a toad.

Her prayer was heard, and before long she gave birth to a son, who was immediately changed into a toad. The queen then wanting a nurse for her son, messengers were sent out to every part of the country, but no woman would undertake to nurse an ugly toad, however much of a prince he might be. The king next proclaimed that he would marry his son to any maiden that would take charge of the prince, and would make her the heir to his kingdom besides.

After much delay and loss of time, a very poor girl presented herself for the post, and the king, delighted to find a nurse at last, engaged her without more ado, and a handsome set of rooms was got ready for the use of the maiden and the prince.