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she did not know, and that the only person that had come near her, when carrying the basin, was poor Horse-skin. The king then sent for Horse-skin, and bade her tell him who had given her the ring which she had dropped into the basin.

"If your majesty will allow me to leave your presence for a few minutes, I will tell you, on my return, who gave the ring to me."

She had not been absent long when she returned to the king dressed in her own rich garments, and adorned as she had appeared at the last ball in the palace. She stood before the king, and said, "Does your majesty know me now?"

"Of course I do, you are the same sweet damsel to whom I gave the ring."

"Very well," said the princess, "I am she who dropped it in the broth, and I am your humble servant, Horse-skin."

"Explain yourself, you are still a mystery to me."

Thereupon the princess related the history of her life, which she did amid tears and sobs, as it brought back to her mind all she had suffered since her cruel father had deserted her and her sisters.

The king from being sad, was now delighted to have found his lost love, and soon recovered from his illness, and was once more full of health. The king then led her to a magnificently furnished chamber where she was to remain until his marriage