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Puranas and the two great epics, is expected of every reader.

Now coming to the age of this Alvar, we have ample references to the Pallava and the Chola kings and to the political events of their times. In his hymn on the god of Paramesvara Vinnagaram our Alvar mentions that one Pallava king, Pallava Mallan, defeated the Pandyas, (Symbol missingTamil characters), fought a battle at Mannai and another at Nenmeli, (Symbol missingTamil characters). We have said above that the Vishnu shrine called Paramesvara Vinnagaram was built by Parameswara Varma II (A. D. 690). Further we gather from the Udayendram and Kasakudi copper plates published in the South Indian Inscriptions, Vol. II, part 3, that the battles at Nenmeli and Mannaikudi were fought by the Pallava king Nandivarman (A. D. 720-760). One of them informs us that he was a devout worshipper of Vishnu. 'Nandivarman who worships the feet of Hari, who split (the head of) the opposing Sabara king, called Udayana, in the terrible battle of Nelveli, who destroyed Kalidurga which was protected by the goddess Kali, and defeated the Pandya army at the village of Mannaikudi.' Again in another hymn on the god of Ashtabujain at Conjeevaram our Alvar refers to a king named Vajra Meghan to whom the Pallava king did homage — தொண்டையர் (Symbol missingTamil characters). This was one of the titles (birudu) of Dantidurga or Dantivarma II, a Rashtrakuta king of Malkhed A.D. 7551; and


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