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TITLES OF ACTS PASSED BY THE INDIAN LEGISLATURE IN THE YEAR 1933. I. An Act further to amend the Indian Marine Act, 1887, for a certain purpose. IL. ,,,, to prohibit the pledging of the labour of children. further to amend the Indian Forest Act, 1927, for a cortain purpose fIV. ,,,, to amend the Cotton Textile Industry (Protection) Act, - 1930 ,,, to extend the operation of the Wlieat (Import Duty) Act, V. 193L VI.,,, further to extend the operation of the Salt (Additional Import Dut,) Act, 1931 VII,,,, to fix the duty on salt, manufactured in, or imported by land into, certain parts of British India, to vary certain duties leviable under the Indian Tariff Act, 1894, to fix maximum rates of postage under the Indian Post Office Act, 1898, to fix rates of incoime-tax and super-tax, and further to amend the Indian Paper Currency Act, 1928 VIII.,,, to supplement tho Indian. Tariff (Ottawa Trade Agree ment) Amendment Act, 1932 IX. ,,, to supplement the provisions of the Bengal Publie Security v' Act, 1932, the Bihar and Orissa Public Safety Act, 1933, the Bombay Special (Emergency) Powers Act, 1932, the United Provinces Special Powers Act, 1932, and the Punjab Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 1932, for certain purposes X. ,ยป further to amend the Auxiliary Force Act, 1920, for certain purposes XI. ,, ,, further to amend the Indian Merchant Shipping Act, 1923, for certain purposes. XII.,, ,, further to amend the Indian Income-tax Act, 1922, for a certain purpose

, to provide for the imposition of additional duties of

XIII customs on imported goods for the puxpose of safc- guarding industries in British Indie.