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drawing, natural flower, or wax one will be required as a model.


Cut the larger-sized petals out of thick white wax or thin wax doubled—the two smaller sizes from thin wax; rub them with the sofrano rose bloom, tint some of the petals with light pink powder, also rubbed on, taking care to leave a portion of the petal uncolored at the base, as this is the part you require to join to the foundation.

Take the medium-sized wire, cut a piece of the length of six or eight inches, and be sure that you turn down the wire at the top about the eighth of an inch, to secure the foundation from slipping off; put a sheet of wax on this part and make the foundation in the shape of the heart of the flower. This should be round at the base, about five eighths of an inch in width, gradually tapering till it comes to a point at the top, in shape resembling the hard-closed bud of the rose. Curl the edges of the small petals with the head of the pin, and fix them round the foundation, extending them at the edge to give an open appearance at the top. Add the second-sized petals and place on in the same way, rather on one side. The large petals must be curled very much, and the bowl shape made by pressing the edges of the bottom part together and curling it