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way as the Carnation, except as regards the color. This is obtained by carmine for the centre petals, and a little violet carmine added to carmine for the outer petals. A beautiful sort of Clove Pink can be made by rubbing the petals with my violet bloom; the calyx and leaves are made like the Carnation.


In construction this flower is similar to the preceding; the petals are cut at the edges into small points, and the centre of each is colored with a spot of dark purple, made from violet, carmine, and Prussian blue. The leaves are similar to the Carnation in form and color.


There are few flowers more popular than the Water Lily, or that present a prettier appearance when imitated in wax. It is easily made. Take the extra thick wax, or doubled thin wax, and cut out about thirty petals; rub them with arrow-root, and curl them well at the edge; take yellow wax for the stamens, and cut out about five rows, according to pattern; tint the insides with orange, and the outer stamens with bright yellow. Make the centre of solid wax, on wire of the largest size; press or indent the marks with the point of the curling-pin;