Page:The Complete Peerage Ed 1 Vol 6.djvu/487

This page needs to be proofread.


p. 6, line 3, from bottom; after "1816," insert "at Rankfellour,"

p. 7, line 24; after "MAULE" insert "OF."

p. 9, sub "Nerford," line 8; for " 80," read " 60."

p. 10, line 6; after "1620" insert " and probably soon after 1600,"

p.10 line 13; after "v.p.," insert "before 22 March 1628,"

p. 13, line 4; after "Idonea," insert "(called Imania in her husband's will)."

p. 13, line 8; for "Oct. 1886, pr. at Durham," read, "Aug. 1886, pr. at York, Richmond and London."

p. 16, line 10 from bottom; after "1810," insert "at Coxwold, oo. York."

p. 17, line 8 from bottom; after "firstly," insert "in or shortly before 1649."

p. 17 line 4 from bottom; after "secondly," insert "after 4 June 1655."

p. 18, line 11; for "1693 or," read "after her father's death."

p. 22, note "e"; after "gentleman," add "one of the most valuable men in the Kingdom, in his fortune, in his dependences, and in his qualifications."

p. 26, line 12; after "m.," add "2 May 1782."

p. 28, line 26; for "Smith, of co. Kent," read "Smith, of Bidborough, co. Kent, by Isabella, da. of Robert (Rich), 1st Earl of Warwick."

p. 31. line 11; for "before 1620," read "before 1615."

p. 36, line 3; after "1808," insert "(spec. lic.) in Rutland square, Dublin."

p. 36 note "c." line 8; omit the "de" before "Guadellensis."

p. 36 note "d," line 6; for "Stralra," read "Stalra."

p. 37, note "a," line 8: for "Jamieres," read "Jumièges."

p. 37. note "a line 4; for "lib. 111," read "lib. iii.".

p. 37. note "a line 10; for Viiecomes," read "Vicecomes."

p. 38, line 4; to "Grentmensil," add the following as a note. Such is "the strange statement of Camden making her (whose husband, the Roger Bigod, of Domesday, d. 1107) to be a sister of Petronilla, the great heiress, wife of Robert (Blanches-Mains), Earl of Leicester, who d. 1190; see G. W. Watson's "Ancient Earls of Leicester" in "The Genealogist,' N.S., vol. x, p. 8, note 48. She was more probably a da. of the first Hugh de Grentmesnil, who d. 21 Feb. 1098, but in that case she was not a "coheir," neither is she mentioned by Orderic, who gives very full details of this family. The following notice of this family has been supplied by G. W. Watson. "Three Hugh de Grentemesnila are known. One of these, the founder of the Abbey of St. Evroult, d. 21 Feb. 1099 (or 1093), leaving ten children, five sons and five daughters, as enumerated by Orderic. Of the daughters, Adelina m. Roger d'lvry; she may have m. secondly Roger Bigod, but I know of no authority for saying so. Hugh II., son of Hugh I., d. young. (Ord. Vital., lib. viii, c. 28.) Hugh III., son of Ivo, and grandson of Hugh I., is a very shadowy personage indeed. All that is known of him is that (according to the genealogy by the monks of Leicester) his da. and hss., Petronilla, m. Robert aux blanches mains, Earl of Leicester. They name no other dau. But it is to this Hugh III., absurdly enough chronologically speaking, that Camden—I find no earlier writer—ascribes a da. and cob., Alicia, m. to the Roger Bigod of Domesday. It looks suspiciously probable that the statement was made to account for the office of Dapifer being in the family of Bigod, that office being associated by elder writers, though probably erroneously, with the Grentemesnils."

p. 38, line 6 of first note; for "Sieze," read "Seize."

p. 38 note "b," line 2; for "Hugh," read "High."

p. 38 note "g" line 2; for "Huge" read "Huugh."

p. 39, line 25; for "1212," rend "1207."

p. 39, note "c; for " VI." read "V."

p. 40, line 17; after "Hainult," add " by Philippa da. of Henry III., Count of Luxembourg," and add as a note "see p. 201, note 'n,' sub Pembroke."