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Miss Bradburn! stern necessity demands
My presence elsewhere 'gainst my inclination.
Forgive, if I depart: as for your prayer,
We will consider it and let you know.

[He accompanies Elsie to the door. Exit Elsie.]

Were that a sample of a Texan maiden
My foes would seem redoubled all at once.
I hope it not ; for while the wrath of man
Is like a conflagration, fierce but brief.
The hate of woman is a smouldering fire,
Imbibed through mother's milk for generations.
These Bradburns must be watched; it will not do
To nurse two serpents in our bosom's fold.

[He taps a bell. Enters Prado.]


What is Your Excellency's command?

Santa Anna.

Seest thou

This purse of gold? It is within thine reach.


How, how, Your Excellency? What must I do?

Santa Anna.

Spy out a way to Colonel Bradburn's tent,
And there concealed essay to overhear
Each word that he or that his daughter speaks,
And faithfully report them back to me.