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<poem>How inconceivable, ah! how profound Must be the light that welcomes them within. When such a crown awaits our future state, It is scarce needed, that I tell you now The message I received from our Commander. He writes, that yet his army were too weak As to relieve us, that we should maintain A stout defence, and that we hold this fort Unto the last, for on our brave resistance Were staked the welfare of our young Republic. Where is the cheek that blanches at this task .^ Where is the soldier that rejects this trust ? Where is the heart that would not gladly grasp Such opportunity of fame immortal ? Our countrymen inheriting what we To them have bravely vouchsafed by our sword, Will gratefully hand down our memories On sculptured marble to posterity. And though in course of ages even this Should fall, as sank from Vandal's hand the pillar Amid the valley of Thermopylae, In chords triumphant later centuries Comparingly will chant our glory thus : "Themopylæ one herald had of death, The heroes of the Alamo had none!"[1]

This, this will be our glory, our reward;

  1. Inscription of the Alamo-Monument in the State House at Austin.