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This theme's discussion until the return
Of Colonel Bradburn from the Alamo.

Santa Anna.

[Handing a purse to Prado.]

Thou hast done well! Receive thy promised fee.


I thank Your Excellency!

[Aside and holding up the purse while Santa Anna is absorbed in meditation.]

'Tis not as large

As when at first held out to me; but then:
Time wrinkles brows and cheeks: why not a purse?

Santa Anna.

Quick! summon General Almonte here.

[Exit Prado.]

You little thought, Miss Bradburn, when you made
Your wish beknown to me, that each your word
Gave me a stone in hand, wherewith to build
Your prison-walls, where easily enough
I shall your secret's knowledge wrest from you,
As from his hound the hunter takes his prey.
None but his equals will a lion combat,
But when on his pursuit of royal game
A mouse opposes him, then without pity
He crushes her with one stroke of his paw.

[Enters Almonte.