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Your Excellency have sent for me—

Santa Anna.

I wish
Thou would convey this message to Miss Bradburn,
That her request was ta'en in due regard,
And, nought opposing, readily is granted.
Congratulating her in my behalf
To the fulfilment of her wish, thou wilt
Without a moment's loss escort the lady
To Travis' bed in Mission of Concepcion.
Make haste, for know, that our campaign's success
Depends upon the swiftness of thy feet!
[Exit Almonte. Santa Anna paces the room in deep meditation.]
More, ever more, this spectre Bradburn towers
Before my mind like a foreboding ill.
Can it be possible, that while I played
The god to him, he played the fool with me?
Suspicion is of all the best accountant:
It reckons close and loses not one item.
So let us see how his account now stands:
His credit thirteen years' unblemished service,
His debit-entries many, though not large.
Whose is the first: His nationality;
The second: His surrendering Anahuac;
The third: The transfer of his property;