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A secret pleasure 'neath the mask of gladness
O'er the fulfilment of her late petition.
'Twixt fear and joy so wavering, she at last
Resolved to go with me, yet not until
She had left message, that, so soon her father
Were to arrive, he should immediately
Join her at Travis' bedside. This request
She urgently once more impressed on me,
When at the Mission I took leave from her.

Santa Anna.

This play must end! My dignity, my peace
No longer must be jeopardized by fear
Of treachery within the camp, when dread
Of treachery without is bad enough.

[Sitting down he writes a few hurried lines.]

List well to my command. Thou wilt take care
To see that Colonel Bradburn, as I ordered.
Immediately on his return to camp
Come here and enter not his tent. Then bring
Four soldiers from the guard before my door,
And entering at the signal of my bell,
Arrest John Bradburn on this warrant's charge.

[He gives Almonte a paper. Exit Almonte.]

Their plan was flight, and now the cunning girl
Thinks to extend it on the prisoner Travis.
As made the father Bradburn my commission
The instrument his coming to announce,