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A Man—a Man—

A Man resolved to stand by Truth and Right,
A Man prepared for torture and for death,
A Man before whose open brow and eye

[With the utmost defiance.]

Thou quailest, tremblest in the height of power.
To-day—though in thy hands—I am thy master;
To-day—though in thy bonds—I am thy victor;
To-day, though none would change his lot for mine,
I would not give my lot for—tyrant!—thine.

Santa Anna.

[In great rage]

Away with him to prison and to chains
And hold him so, witness to our success,
Until at Anahuac we arrive.
So that the scene that saw his first attempt
At treason also see his punishment.



At Anahuac, sayst thou, Anahuac?
Yes, thou art right:—that is the judgment spot,
That is the place where will the voice of God
With thundering tone proclaim: "So far, no farther,"
That is the place where soon His hand will shake
The hour-glass in the eye of tyranny.