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Santa Anna.

So tell the lady

Who now attends on him, that I request
Within this room a brief converse with her.
That done, re-lock the captive's room and bring
The keys to me, in case I should desire
An interview with him; then go from hence
To notify my aid-de-camp Almonte,
Forthwith to ope the fiercest cannonade.

[Santa Anna enters the room. The soldier, turning, unlocks the door behind him, through which he disappear's.]

So I am rid of each unpleasant witness,
And the bombardment, now to be begun,
Appropriately will lend to my request
Its force and eloquence. But hark, she comes.

Scene VII.

Elsie, followed by the soldier, emerges from the room the latter had entered, and having crossed the hallway, steps into the room, where Santa Anna is awaiting her. At a sign of the latter, the soldier puts the keys upon the table, standing near the door, and this done, departs to execute his Generals order.


Your Excellency, no doubt, have been apprised