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Bears witness less to my deserving claim
Than to the innate kindness of your heart.
How void of every good, how selfish then
Must be the man on whom such heart bestowed
Its highest prize, its love, but whose conceit
—As lightly as he would a worthless pebble,—
Prompts him to cast aside a costly jewel,
For which the greatest king would envy him.


No doubt, 't is Travis whom your speech points out,
And who, as from your hints I may infer.
Has with contempt flung back, from where it came,
The shameless proposition to surrender
The Alamo. Grant me to say, that even,
Before my father started for the fort,
I prophesied his mission's uselessness,
As Travis never, never would surrender.

Santa Anna.

It is not this alone what he refused.
Though chiefly meant for our Republic's good,
My offer's liberality designed
No less your welfare and your happiness,
Since through your father I held out to him
Your hand, together with a princely dower.
My honest counsels wrecked against his pride
And stubborn will. 'T is plain, he loves you not.