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James Travis lies, and standing at the Threshold, calls out to him ;]

 Awake, James Travis! rise and follow me!
My hand shall guide thy steps to liberty!

[James Travis wearing still the bandages round his head., comes from his room and stands like one overcome by a trance.]

James Travis.

Angel! that soothed my fever's agony,
Where'er thou leadest me, I follow thee!

[While Elsie and James Travis are proceeding to the rear of the corridor, Santa Anna, hitherto lost in a faint stupor, starts for the door, which he tries in vain to force open.]

Santa Anna.

[With violence.]

Confound these monks ! what they have built, withstands
The wear of times and strength of stoutest hands.

[While Santa Anna, in the meantifne, looks for another way of egress, Elsie and J. Travis reach the altar in the back-ground of the corridor. Standing behind it,]


[Calls out.]

Here is the entrance to the corridor
That leads the way to Freedom's hallowed shore.