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When self I bleeding lie upon the sod.
Choose every other road to death but this.


One only way of death I yet could wish,
Will then remain for me, if would thine hand—

Col. Wm. Travis.

Interrupting her quickly.]

Pronounce it not—my heart will turn to stone.

James Travis.

So let my counsel come to your relief.
The Alamo—I heard thee say,—is mined—

Col. Wm. Travis.

Thanks, brother, for thy counsel's timely aid.
The way is found, dear Elsie, that avoids
Thy desecration by the enemy's hand.
And yet assigns to thee the foremost place
And office in the Alamo's defence.


Then my two wishes are fulfilled: the first
To be with thee, when heavenward soars thy spirit;
The other: to redeem my father's guilt
And injury to Freedom's sacred cause,
By graving on her radiant roll of honor
(Would it were his!)—the name of Elsie Bradburn.