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Scene VI.

The Fall of the Alamo.

One side of the stage represents the barracks, at the end of which the powder magazine rises: a low square tower with a platform on the top. The other side is wholly taken up by the breach, extending in a semi-circle from one front-corner to the opposite corner in the rear of the stage. Behind the breach lie the defenders of the Alamo with bayonets fixed, ready to receive the enemy. The latter are heard approaching in the distance under martial music and beating of drums.[1]

Col. Wm. Travis comes from the barrack-door, taking his position in the center of the breach beside his brother James and his captains, while Elsie at the same time appears on the top of the powder-magazine with a lighted torch in her hand.

Col. Wm. Travis.

Are ready ye, my faitliful men, to die
For Texas and her Liberty?


Aye, Aye!

Col. Wm. Travis.

So hear then your Commander's last harangue
Ere wholly deafened by the weapons' clang.
For months we have been fellow-workmen here,
Intent a grand, a lofty work to rear.

  1. For the tune of this March, see page 247.