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This end sublime, too high for human thought.
Yes, thank the Lord! whose love has many more
And greater blessings still for you in store.
For mystery's veil now from my eye withdrawn,
I see this land emerge from Freedom's dawn,
To broader sway, to greater sphere of might,
Maintaining it in many a gallant fight.
With millions I behold her borders filled
Of freemen, brave, intelligent and skilled,
Whose industry lays ope her mountains' yields,
And turns her plains to fertile harvest-fields:
W^hose energy, as by a magic wand,
Lets cities rise, where forest-groves now stand,
Whose handicraft makes ring her sea-girt shore
And enters far into her bosom's core.
So, so the youthful State shall grow in power.
Yet will she reach still higher glory's dower
When entering in the Union's radiant gates
She blends her future with her Sister-States.
All obstacles, all causes of delay,
That check their progress, moved from out the way,
Oh, joyous contest, that will then ensue,
Oh, glorious race before whole Mankind's view:
When for the highest prizes of humanity
They lay them out with zeal and energy.
When fall the richest blessings one by one
On each and yet on all in unison:
Strength won in constant practice of their powers.