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Imprisoned William Travis and his friends.
So promise then to me, that e'en to-morrow
Thou lawfully wilt try the charge against them.
I ask no favor, or for me or them,
I only plead the human right of justice.
As is the sun the source of every life,
So, so is Justice Mankind's other light.
As he dispelled the chaos' mighty gloom
So led her genial hand the human race
From beastly state, when might alone was right,
To kinder, purer, better sentiments;
As without him no being could exist,
So without her Life were a baneful curse;
As shine his beams alike on worm and lion
So equally she pours her benefits
O'er rich and poor, and o'er the weak and strong.
Sin, father, not against her holy law,
For great as are her blessings, is her vengeance.


Remember, child, I am not here to judge,
But only to attend my master's orders;
Yet at thy pleading I will fain extend
What little mercy's scope is given to me,
Beyond its limits e'en, if they deserve it.
To prove my word's sincerity to thee,
I instantly will speak to William Travis.

[He taps a bell. A soldier enters]