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Inform the jailer that I wish to see
The prisoner, William Travis, led before me.

[Exit soldier.]

Leave us alone now, child, and rest convinced.
That day and night my every thought will aim
Thy welfare to promote. My love shall yet
Prepare for thee a radiant sky of life.
E'en though light clouds obscure it now. Good night.

[He kisses Elsie's forehead. Elsie leaves the room with signs of great despondency]

Scene VII.

Bradbun at first alone. Afterwards Travis.


A new embarrassment! When will they cease?
As if conjured by some magician's wand,
Who bears me ill, so from the ground they start
And try to block my way to peace and rest.
But triumph not too soon, ye cruel powers!
As sailors throw the deck-load over-board
To save their battered ship from total wreck,
So shall not scruples, hitherto revered,
Nor principles, observed till now, debar me
From the reward of my laborious life.
This rising spectre of my daughter's love
For that rebellious upstart must be crushed,