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Crushed, crushed, by every means that might controls,
That, right or wrong, will consummate the end.
He, first of all, must be removed from here,
Must be dishonored in my daughter's eye,
For which, methinks, I know a proper way.
Provided that his pride will not defeat it.

[He sits down at the table to write. Enters Travis escorted by the jailer.]

Leave me alone a moment with that man.

[Exit jailer. Bradburn having risen and standing near the table, surveys Travis from under his eye-brows; the latter, with arms crossed over his breast, stands frankly before him.]

Well, William Travis, must I still behold thee
Maintaining thy defiant attitude.
Which ill becomes at any time a captive,
But even less avails as hiding mask
The base destroyer of a maiden's peace?
Abject enough is an ungrateful rebel.
But language fails in epithets for him
Who makes a trusting maiden's love
The ambuscade of his nefarious schemes.


Thou wieldest here the sword of tyranny Unscrupulously; why then delay est thou To join wiih it thy fatherly revenge?